Four Benefits of Project Management Training

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Would you go to a doctor who took their last training course in 1986? Of course not! Training is absolutely essential to stay current with the latest diagnoses, treatments, and technologies that cure sickness and disease. Likewise, it is essential for the project management professional – whether in-person or e-classes. It’s just as important for you to keep up on new methodologies, techniques and technologies that increase your ability to deliver a project on time and on budget.
Four Benefits of Project Management Training
The following are five reasons training is invaluable to you as a project manager.
#1 – Training Keeps You Engaged
Are you feeling a little sluggish on the job? Do you dread the ride into work each morning thinking about the long and boring day ahead of you? Training dispels the monotony. Take a course about an aspect of project management that really interests you. It may be risk management, agile methodologies, or root cause analysis. Deepening your knowledge in areas of interest will shake up your otherwise normal routine and get you excited about your job again.
#2 – Training Helps Your Career
Most professional certifications require an ongoing commitment to training and education. While this takes time, the upside is that it comes with real financial value. For example, a PMP certified project manager will make an average of $10,000 more per year than their non-certified counterpart. Keep your training current and an eye on your employment landscape and you’ll find yourself doing very well.
Current and potential employers like to see an ongoing pursuit of education. It helps them appreciate you as a lifelong learner who has followed a particular niche or specialty in your project management career.
#3 – Training Introduces New Ideas
You will always pick up something new when you attend a project management training course, simply because the discipline of learning temporarily removes you from your situation and gives you an aerial, objective view. For example, even experienced project managers learn new ideas and techniques attending a fundamentals class. They learn new ways of doing things they are already familiar with.
Training allows your experience and new learning to come together and provide a more holistic perspective than ever before. These nuggets of wisdom may not always be groundbreaking or revolutionary, but they are new. When you go to a training course with this mindset, you will come back with faster, more efficient and profitable ways to complete projects to share with your peers.
#4 – Training Exposes You to Other People
Most classes allow you to interact with new people. Maybe it even allows you to interact with current co-workers in new ways. It’s valuable to get out of your office or cubicle every now and then and see what the rest of the world is up to, and talk to your peers. The relationships you forge with your instructor, the person sitting next to you, or even someone you meet in an elevator can help you throughout the rest of your career in project management.

Don’t be like the doctor who hasn’t taken a training course since medical school. Find training that interests you today and you’ll benefit for years to come!

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